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May. 9th, 2011 09:23 am
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We went to Kingdom A&S this last weekend. It was fun for me, despite not being a particularly arts related person. (I am thinking of breaking free of that mold. While I can sew, sortof, it would be fun to challenge myself. So, the tentative plan is for Caoilfhionn to work with me on my hand sewing and then my Norse embroidery this winter on a hood. I figure that it should be done by K.A&S 2013...(MAYBE 2012)).

It was fun for me for a couple of reasons. First the serious burnout I have had on my fun has finally gone away and the fires of fun have come back. I need to stoke that some, which is the reason for the A&S projects, and the reason I want to do more heraldry. (I need to remember to nudge TRMs about doing more courts. I know they have a court herald, but I'm a firm believer in NOT having a designated court herald and spreading the wealth around. For one thing, it helps with heraldic education. For another, I think protocal is a useful thing for people to learn.

Oddly enough, if I do become Laurel Sovereign, I think that will add to the fun rather than being a fun sink. The fun sink was the politics. My current role at the corporate level doesn't have the politics. Since its purely an advisory role, I can give advise and forget about it. A heraldic role at a Society level will be just the thing I needed.

I spoke with an old friend this weekend (old as in from my first time in Calontir old). She was one of the first people I met. Awesome lady, and I've always been impressed by her. We talked about not believing where we have gotten to. She's gotten very high and "powerful". I'm moderately there, with a bunch of name recognition. But I said that I never believed I'd be a Pelican. She told me she did. That was...humbling in a way. I never did believe I'd be here. I mean, yeah, I've thought about it. But all I ever wanted to be was Kingdom Herald, and be allowed to play in courts with the shouty bits. To be given a Pelican for what I have done by accident and being in the right place at the right time still humbles me. I joke a lot about "oh my god, me an example?!?" but the truth is, I can understand that, and I do try to live up to it. Do I have a lot of fun screwing around? Yes. Do I kind of get bored in vigils and periodically ...mostly accidentally... crack people up around me? Yes. But by the same token, I try to be serious when its required, and be "proper" when needed.

I also got involved in a discussion about Kingdom A&S formats. Again, while I don't "do" A&S much, its fascinating to me to think about on a purely objective level. I like making things work better, so to listen in on that sort of discussion was fun.

I also saw a lot of friends that I haven't had a chance to talk with in awhile, and had JUST enough singing. Rhodri's house is fantastic for post revels as there is space for singing and space to get away and talk. Its good.

And that's pretty much it. Time to go work.


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