Jun. 3rd, 2011

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I may be intense about some things.

I do not have celiac, as of the last test. I am wheat intolerant, so for the majority of things it is better if I avoid wheat altogether. Gluten free foods are fantastic for this.

There is a liquor store in Omaha advertising a new type of vodka as gluten free. I'm not sure who wrote that ad copy, but I dislike it.


Well, read my letter to the store:

Hello there,

A friend pointed me to your site, and while I am not sure who writes your ad copy, I am concerned about the misinformation inherent in your promotional page.

You are advertising CooranBong Vodka as being gluten-free, as if this were a special feature. (I am specifically looking at your promotions page of today.)

All vodka, unless flavored where the flavorings add gluten, are gluten free. Most distilled alcohol is gluten free by the very nature of the distilling process. I would direct you to the following blog entry: http://celiac-disease.com/ask-gfq-is-vodka-gluten-free/ (while I recognize that this blog is not the most scientific, a quick Google search turns up more articles about this).

While I heartily agree with the fact that is trying to bring in gluten-free beers, to advertise that a particular brand of vodka is gluten-free does a disservice to celiac sufferers, and frankly, does a disservice to your store. If people believe that distilled spirits are not gluten-free, they will buy less.

Thank you,
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Now, this is based off of how it was told to me while I was studying Russian history. My facts are correct, but the way I tell it is a little more fun for me.

A story of Vladimir I, Prince of Kiev )


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