May. 9th, 2011

Kingdom A&S

May. 9th, 2011 09:23 am
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We went to Kingdom A&S this last weekend. It was fun for me, despite not being a particularly arts related person. (I am thinking of breaking free of that mold. While I can sew, sortof, it would be fun to challenge myself. So, the tentative plan is for Caoilfhionn to work with me on my hand sewing and then my Norse embroidery this winter on a hood. I figure that it should be done by K.A&S 2013...(MAYBE 2012)).

Wherein Gabriel contemplates his fun levels in the SCA, thoughts on peerages and thoughts on A&S )

And that's pretty much it. Time to go work.
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Wow, I'm chatty today.

So, Court Heralds. I have been seeing a trend recently in my two favorite Kingdoms to continually use the same court heralds in a reign. (In fact, Calontir seems to have put into place an "official" court herald who does most courts.)

Whereupon Gabriel discusses why this is a mistake in his not quite humble opinion... )
Perhaps tonight I'll pull out my Gabriel's Court Heraldry Rules (which are more like guidelines), and post. Why yes, I made them up for a class I taught a few times.
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My previous comment was not really a call to action, although my brain started working on it afterwards. (However, I know me and I'd forget about it.)

Really, its all part of something I've been thinking about for awhile. I think we as a College need to start working on heraldic education. On all levels. But more importantly, we need to start making heraldry fun again.

And I admit, I have limited clue on how to do that, but I know for a fact there are people smarter than me in this area who can help figure it out. :)

Now, I opine a lot, and I want to talk about that a moment. Sometimes changes need to be made to things. I think that change needs to be thoughtful. I think that jumping in to CHANGE THIS NOW does two things, it alienates the people you're trying to work with, and it causes people to want to beat you down. (Yes, my Calontiri friends, I did learn my lesson, I still have the scars, but they were Friendly Lessons.) Yes, that presumes you have to work with someone...but you ALWAYS have to work with someone.

I think that looking at things, from all angles, getting opinions, working on it a bit more, and formulating your opinon in as clear a way as possible is good. Then I think asking...ASKING...the Powers that Be (and there are always powers that be, no matter how high you are) what their opinion is and thoughts are, and offering thoughtful commentary is the best way to do things. Sometimes you won't be able to effect change.

Change in the SCA is like water hitting rock. While it may take a long time to do it, eventually the rock wears away. Only rarely, and then you had better be damned sure where you stand and have a ton of people on your back, can you pull off a tsunami of change. Usually it isn't worth it. Sometimes its needed, but normally incremental change is better.


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